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International Female Police peacekeeper award for Romanian policewoman


Romanian police officer Raluca Domuta has been awarded the title of International Female Police peacekeeper 2015 due to her involvement in ONU search and rescue missions in Haiti.

The award has been given by the International Association of Women Police – IAWP, which was held in Cardiff, this year. Raluca Domuta was appreciated for her efforts in the rescue missions following the Haiti earthquake in 2010, missions that not only saved hundreds of lives, but also protected doctors that were treating patients for cholera.

According to she said ” The experiences that I have lived in the international mission, in an extremely volatile security environment, made me understand why my grandma, who lived through World War I, was saying every night after prayer God help us to wake up in peace”.

Raluca Domuta still continues her work in Haiti, currently working as a chief of the regional police and offers consultancy for preventing organized crime and sexual violence.