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Vlad Ivanov to play with Jim Carrey in a thriller


Romanian actor Vlad Ivanov will be set to play in the movie True Crimes with Jim Carrey and Charlotte Gainsbourg. The movie is an American-Polish coproduction and is currently being filmed in Krakow, Poland.

The actor was not allowed to say any details about the movie, however he was able to disclose the fact that he will be playing a negative part. The story of the movie True Crimes is inspired from an article published by David Grann in the New Yorker in 2008 and tells the story of a crime that took place in 2000 and has remained unresolved. The case was opened again a few yeas ago years later and led to the arrest of the criminal. The movie is directed by Alxandros Avranas, who also directed Miss Violence for which he received a Silver Lion in Venice, 2013.

source: adevarul