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Romania has conquered the fencing sport this year!


This has been the best year for Romanian fencing so far, Mihai Covaliu, the president of the Romanian Fencing Federation has declared for AGERPRES.

The best result for this year has been the fact that Romania secured the second place at the Fencing World cup. The Romanian women’s team composed of Ana Maria Branza (Popescu), Simona Gherman, Simona Pop and Loredana Dinu have managed to get on the second place. Men fencing also has had a good year, as Tiberiu Dolniceanu has won the third place at the Individual fencing for men in the Worrld Fencing cup.

At the European Fencing championship for seniors, women category, the first place was secured by the same team composed of Ana Maria Branza, Simona Gherman, Simona Pop and Loredana Dinu. The third place was won by Simona Pop for the individual women fencing category.

The European games at Baku have been also conquered by Romanians, as Ana Maria Branza, won the second place for the women fencing category. The first place was also won by the same Romanian women team and the second place for individual men category was won by Tiberiu Dolniceanu and his team formed of Alin Badea, Iulian Teodosiu and Madalin Bucur. The third place for women individual was won by Simona Gherman.

Finally let’s not forget about Alexandra Predescu, who won the World title for Cadets, women category and Bianca Benea who won the third place in the same category.