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Romanians invent special rescue car


Tiff Needell, presenter of the famous Fifth gear TV show has come to Romania to test a Romanian car that was invented with the purpose of saving lives. This car has been created so it can reach places that are hard to impossible to reach, such as in the mountains, in case of flooding or when snow strands people and puts lives in danger.

The car was created by GHE-O motors and was called Rescue. The car has a self supporting frame, has 11 seats and 5.200/2.700/2.390 dimensions and a weight of 3.2 tons. The car is capable of transporting one ton of water to put out fire and has 2 motopumps of high pressure. The car also has tracks  set on the back wheels, a pliable boot, a medical hand barrow, a plug system and a GPS.

See the video of the testing bellow