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Cristina Neagu praised for being the best player in the Denmark-Romania game


Cristina Neagu has been proven to be the best hand ballplayer  that Romania had in the Denmark-Romania game, in which Romania won with 30-31. Cristina has scored 15 goals and managed to get the team into the semi finals.

Her performance was praised by the former Romanian coach, Radu Voina who compared her with a monster, but in a good sense. According to he said” It has been an extraordinary game. We had a better game than the one with Brasil, well done! It was not a match for people with heart problems, it had high tension, it had time extensions, and show. For us, who were shaking at home and watched it breathless, it was huge, dramatic. I believe this is the last thing that we could ask from Cristina. She did a monstrous game in the positive sense of the word. She did a sensational game! Neagu is the best player of this World games, for sure. Ada Nechita after a few misses she managed to score, it is a great victory, even though fatigue was at maximum sources, they recovered, because such a victory can bring out hidden strength. I hope they will still have physical strength because they went to the game with a new player. Norway is Norway but everything is possible.”