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Romanian film festival takes place in Strasbourg in January-February



The fourth edition of the Romanian film Festival „4ème Quinzaine du Cinéma Roumain” takes place until 16th of February in Strasbourg and will present six movies from Romania and Moldavia that were filmed between 1987-2015. The festival will present documentaries, comedies, historical movies, love themed movies and political movies.

Director Leontina Vatamanu and producer Virgiliu Margineanu from Moldavia, actor Mircea Diaconu and actress Olimpia Melinte will have an open dialogue with the public about the Romanian cinema.

The festival is getting bigger as it started with only 7 students and now there are 15 students that organise it. This year they focus on the non Romanian public because they want to let the local public know about the Romanian cinematography.  The festival was organised by the Romanian Cultural Institute in Brussels and the Romanian Student Association in Strasbourg.