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Warm welcome for Dakar competitor, Mani Gyenes


Emanuel Gyenes, a motorcyclist who has gained the 14th place in the Dakar rally, 2016 has received a very warm welcome when returning to his workplace in Satu Mare, receving a 48 kg cake that represented the mountains of South America. Emanuel is very proud of his achievement, even though 14th place does not seem an very important achievement, it is important to note that 354 teams have participated this year in the competition, which took place in Argentina.

The motorcyclist said that he worked very hard to obtain a good result and that he managed to beat very good teams and competitors.

He admitted he was lucky that he had a very good team of technicians and a new motorcycle that helped him. He did not have any problems with it during the 9,000 km rally. Emanuel had a few difficult days, esspecially in Bolivia where he did not obtain very good results, as he had to consult the doctor for headaches, but managed to get better results in the last few days. He also fell several times, but without injuries and without damaging his bike.

During the two weeks, Emanuel has slept in schools and a gas station at the moment when a storm hit. The floods even took the bike of a competitor and so the competition had to be cancelled for a while.

Emanuel now hopes to go to another World Bike Championship and now is looking for sponsors.