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So what happened to the first Romanian who arrived to the UK after work restrictions lifted? You would be surprised!


You might remember the whole scandal about Romanian immigrants coming to the UK by the millions after the work restrictions had lifted off. You also might remember that the media ran to the airport to find how many Romanians would come on the 1st of January 2014. And who is the one Romanian who moved to the UK? Victor Spirescu.

The media was fast to predict his future- he would probably become a beggar on the streets of London. But in reality Victor Spirescu has had a quite bright future. He is now a successful business man.

Spirescu said” I don’t have any money issues now. I managed to start a business. I instal ventilation systems and I sell ventilation systems, a business that has three employees. I can say that I have a better life than in Romania and for the moment I do not plan to go back home”.



source: B1TV.