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Fun sledge competition to be organised in Cluj this February


sanii-e1453464099518Saturday 6th of February, the Feleacu Winter Games, in Cluj county will open for the first time. During the event people are invited to come and compete with sledges built out of carton and to be as creative as they can with their sledge. The fastest and most creative sledge will receive an award.

The organizers of the competition said that the sledges should be built only out of carton and really light materials. Their creations should resemble cars, ships, airplanes. This is a competition that requires teams. Participants are allowed to show off their creations to the public. Participants do not have to pay any fee for the competition.


Two more prizes can be won during Snow Fest this seasons, the winners of best Ski competitor and best Snowboarder will be awarded with a trip to France this year. The Freestyle competition includes the categories: Ski Freestyle Seniors, Snowboard Freestyle Seniors, Sky Freestyle Juniors, Snowboard Freestyle Junior, Best Trick. The freestyle competition participants must pay a fee of 50 lei and the fee includes a Saturday pass, a tea and a hot drink.