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Romanian invents smartphone case that transforms WiFi signals and phone movements into electricity



A young man from Cluj has invented a smartphone case that can charge a phone without needing an electricity socket. The project is called ArKase and was created by Razvan Marcus.

His idea came during his commute to university from Hunedoara, when he noticed that his smartphone battery never resisted the five hour trip. He noticed that when the bus was moving there was a lot of noise and thought of getting electric energy somehow. Razvan started asking his teachers about it and some said that this idea could be turned into reality. Nothing like this has ever been invented before.

Razvan Marcus was discouraged by people when he told them about his idea, however he never gave up.  After four years of hard work he managed to build a case that protects the phone from shocks and has a technology that can transform and deposit energy in a storage battery.

At first he thought of using magnets to obtain electrical energy, however he realised that he did not have the technology of piercing magnets. He finally found that the best way was to use signal waves. Thus the battery can charge due to the phone movements,  the GSM signal,the WiFi signal, the light and the temperature of the environment.