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Romanian oil awarded European Superior Taste Award


Felicia Tulai produces one of the best oils in Europe as the Superior Taste Award confirms it. The award was given for the Luna Solai oil by the International Taste and Quality Institute based in Brussels, Belgium. The International Taste and Quality Institute is the leading Independent chefs and Sommeliers based organisation. The products are blind tested by a panel of judges based on their own merits.

Felicia Tulai, the young producer, who lives in Luna commune, Cluj county has been producing oil since 2011. Her family however, has been producing it in his garage for 16 years. Her father used to sell cold pressed oil to his neighbours and friends.

Felicia decided to quit her Bucharest based job in leasing and join her father in Luna. She decided to give herself a year to see if she can create a brand for her family. The oil can now be found all over Romania, including Bucharest. The oils that she produces are cold pressed and are made of sunflower, pumpkin,flax,walnut, rapeseed and hemp.