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Romanian mushrooms now popular in European restaurants thanks to a family from Oradea

Romanian mushrooms are appreciated now all over Europe thanks to Alexandru Chis from Oradea. Alexandru Chis has started his mushroom business in 2012 when his business started to fail because of the financial crisis. 

He began by selling mushroom in Romania but now he is selling only 35 percent of what he produces and the rest of the mushroom end up in restaurants all over Europe.

He said it was a tough job starting the business: ” step by step we did the first packages, labels and we prepared the merchandise as best as we could and we presented ourselves at the supermarkets and they accepted our products. Slowly, we entered the Romanian market. At the same time I had some previous customers from Italy, Austria, Switzerland who asked for our products. It was not easy. We had no finance, no logistic park. A Romanian bank helped us a lot. We really went on trust. A finance of 70,000 euro helped us start the business”.
Things are not as easy as they look. The quality and quantity of mushrooms and the berries cannot be guaranteed each year as they depend on the temperature and rain. 

Sensitive markets like Switzerland and Austria might refuse products that do not look perfect. Alexandru Chis sells different types of mushrooms: boletus, golden chanterelles, black chanterelle and honey mushrooms.

 The prices depend on the production, as they can be 3 euro per kilogram or 15 euro per kilogram if the production was low. The company now exports in Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Germany and Hungary. In 24 hours from picking they are already on the restaurant tables.