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Romanian novel The Mill of Good Luck (Moara cu noroc) turned into a modern day thriller movie

The famous Romanian novel “The Mill of Good Luck” (Moara cu noroc) was turned into a thriller movie called “Horizon” (Orizont). The director, Marian Crisan says that the movie is a homage to the movie directed by Victor Iliu and wanted to make more movies in that genre.
In an interview with digi tv he said” Rereading the novel I have discovered its charm, and first of all, I really love the atmosphere in it. What I followed is the family theme, more than the money theme which dehumanises…like it was in the literary comments. The theme of the family really interested me. How this isolated family function at the cabin, this cabin which is isolated somewhere in the forest, on the mountain and everything that means secrets, things hidden in the family, things that are not said…and how they react in this intrigue.”

Rodica Lazar who plays one of the characters said:” Finally a Romanian movie that does not take place in an apartment, that is no longer dark, that is no longer about being poor”.
She said that the Romanian audience are fed up with the themes that Romanian movies always approach: darkness, poverty and misery. This movie however will not focus on this.

In the movie, Lucian and Andra are a married couple who tries to find their luck and to have a better life. They move into an isolated cabin in the Apuseni mountains. Things go well until Lucian discovers that the region is under the control of Zoli, the leader of a gang which illegally cuts the forests in the area.
The director compared the movie to the Shining because the father in the movie also goes insane after being put under pressure. The movie already premiered in November last year (2015) at the Black Nights festival in Estonia. Hollywood Reporter described the movie as a film that begins like a horror movie but ends up like a modern western.

The movie can now be seen in the Romanian cinemas.

A thriller of the movie can be seen bellow.