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Romania wins first place at the Balkan Indoor Championships

Romania has won the first place in the Balkan Atheltics Indoor Championships that were held in Istanbul this year. The Romanian teams have gathered 7 gold medals, 6 silver medals and 5 bronze medals. The sportsmen who won gold were:

  • Cosmin Ilie Dumitrache for 60 m hurdles
  • Mihai Donisan for shop put
  • Adelina Pastor for 400 m run
  • Mihaela Nunu 800 m run
  • Ancuta Bobocel 300 m run
  • Female team: Adelina Pastor, Mihaela Lavric, Andrea Miklos and Bianca Razor for 400 m relay race

Silver was secured by

  • Catalin Campeanu 60 m run
  • Sebastian Mihai Ursa 400 m run
  • Cosmin Trofin 800 m run
  • Daniel Ionut Betej 300 m run
  • Andreea Ograzeanu 60 m run
  • Mirela Lavric 400 m run

Bronze was won by

  • Adrian Vasile -long jump
  • Andrei Toader – shot put
  • Male team: Cosmin Trofin, Daniel Betej, Cristian Vorovenci, Sebastian Ursachi for the 400 m relay race
  • Florina Pierdevara 800 m run
  • Lenuta Burueana for shot put

At the Balkan Athletics Indoor Championships  Turkey won the second place, Croatia the third and Greece the fourth. 16 countries participated this year and it is said that this year’s competition has had a record participation.