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Hero saves father and child from drowing in Dambovita river

Imagine seeing a car sinking in the river and jumping in the freezing waters to save lives. This is what happened two days ago when Alexandru Puiu (30 years old) noticed that after a car crash, a car plunged in the river and the victims were still trapped inside the sinking car. While people on the sides were filming or just watching, Alexandru did not wait. He jumped in the freezing waters and took out of the car the 8 year old child. He then swam with him to safety.

In an interiew with DigiTv he said ” I found the child first, I grabbed him by the hand, I took him out. It was a happy and terrifying moment at the same time. Because of the cold I could not go further and I was lucky that a boy jumped in to help me. I heard the police car after I took out the boy and I went back to get the man out”.

Police officer George Dorin, who reached the accident area, moments later, started to give CPR to te child and put warm clothes on him to protect him from the cold. 

The ambulance came later. Alexandru Puiu said ” I did not do this to stand out. Why did I jump in the water? Because this is normal. This is what everybody should do. This should be the first instinct.”