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100 children participate in making a documentary about Cojocna


cojocnadOver 100 children from Cojocna are participating in making of a documentary about their commune. For about two years they have been part of an educational project based on cinematographic art.

The movie, created by children, presents the most important places in Cojocna and every day life. Children were able to discover many of the secrets of the film industry. Alexandra Gorea, a psychologist who participates in the project said “The Romanian school does not have the time because of the curriculum programmes, to take care of the emotional side and to develop children’s life skills”.

Melinda Boros said for TVR that when children finish school and go to Cluj Napoca city to continue their studies, it is a big overwhelming step for them. Because of this project children were able to travel to different countries and experience different cultures. The children have visited the national television studios, participated in film projections and cinematographic workshops.

The organizers of the project said that among the children they could notice some are really talented and could have a future in the industry. After the project will finish a selected group of children will participate in creating short movies about Cojocna every month.

source:TVR Cluj