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Romanian wins hardest ultramarathon in the world


Tiberiu Useriu, a Romanian ultra marathon runner has crossed the finished line at Tuktoyaktuk, Canada, winning the toughest race on the planet called the Arctic race 6633 Arctic Ultra.


This has not been an easy race for Tiberiu as he has run 563 km for a week across the Arctic shore, in very tough weather conditions. He has trained for the race by sleeping outside in Romania during the winter and he had to be prepared to run in -50°C temperature and very strong winds (200km/h).Moreover, this competition does not consist only in running, as the competitors have to carry sleds with food and sleeping kits. They are allowed to drop them on the way to the finish line.


The competition had 12 runners, including two other Romanians- Andrei Rosu and Vlad Tanase. Other countries that competed were Scotland, Zimbabwe, Australia, France and Singapore.