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Thousands of volunteers spend the first days of spring planting trees all over the country


This spring started with a beautiful campaign ” We plant good deeds in Romania” that consists of planting trees all over Romania. The campaign started on 19th of March with many volunteers heading towards Timis, Iasi, Buzau, Valcea and Giurgiu.


In Timis county 300 volunteers planted trees in Sinmihaiu Roman area, while in Iasi volunteers will plant 10,000 trees in the area of Letcani on 26th of March.

In Buzau, 10,000 trees will be planted in Boboc area and 2,000 trees will be set in the gardens of the schools and kindergardens on the 25th and 26th of March.

In Giurgiu, 1.500 trees will be planted by volunteers near Malu. Employees from Mega Image, HP and HPE will participate and will complete a planting that was started last year on the 14th of November.

In Valcea county, 200 volunteers will plant 2,500 trees in the area of Feteni. The planting will help prevent landslides, which often happen in the area.


On 19th of March in Sanmihaiu de Campie, Bistrita Nasaud, already 1500 people planted trees for three hours, in spite of the freezing cold. According to people came from all over the country (from 79 cities and towns) and the majority of them were young (around the age of 24). Moreover, the organizers were very impressed by the fact that after posting the advert asking for volunteers, in just 24 hours 535 people signed it to come.


source photo: beardbrothers