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Romanian student wins second place at Francophonie international competition


Diana Militaru has won the second place in the International Francophonie competition that was held in Cluj- Napoca this year.The student was also invited as a guest by president Iohannis  to a special reception which celebrates the International day of the Francophonie.

Every March is marked by various celebrations that focus on Francophonie all around the world. In Romania a special international Olympiad is held and many other events are organized. At this moment a million and a half students are learning French and they are taught by 8,000 teachers.

The Olympiad was first organized last year in Cluj-Napoca and students from Francophone countries have participated in the competition. The contest had two stages: a written one, an individual and an oral one in which students had to team up. The oral project consisted in watching a video and then writing an article about the message it transmits.