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Romanian painter Florin Stefan to open Paris painting exhibit


Florin Stefan’s paintings will be exposed Thursday, 31st of March in Paris in order to mark the opening of the Anne-Sarah Benichou contemporary art gallery. Within this exhibition 13 personal oil paintings will be exposed and the paintings represent scenes and people that inspired him. Florin Stefan’s latest exhibition called Dead Man was set in the Art Museum in Cluj-Napoca, four years ago.

Florin Stefan is a painter and university professor at the Art and Design University in Cluj-Napoca and he is also the art gallery director of Spatiu Intact and the president of the Gallery and Artist Federation of the Brush Factory in Cluj.

The curator of the Paris exhibition, Ami Barak has stated about Cluj-Napoca that it is the artistic capital of Romania According to agerpres she said” This city, situated in the heart of historical Transylvania, has become known as ‘the painting school’ , which is similar to the Leipzig school’.

Ami Barak has promoted in the past other Romanian painters such as Ion Grigorescu, Mircea Cantor and Ciprian Muresan. The curator believes that this Paris exhibition will surely help Florin Stefan’s career because he has a rare talent of reinvention.

Florin Stefan said ” It is a great joy to be back in Paris, the city where I feel like home and where I had lived more than a year back when I was studying for my master degree in cultural management at Sorbonne. It is the third exhibit for me in France, the first one in Paris, and I must admit that I am waiting with excitement the varnishing day. I know there is already a positive reaction for those that visited the exhibit before the varnishing day and that the paintings are viewed as singulars on the scene of Paris and France painting scene”