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Romanian students win silver and bronze medals at International Robot Challenge competition

photo by Christoph Welkovits


A silver and a bronze medal have been secured by three students from the Faculty of Automatic Control and Computers in Bucharest at the Robot Challenge international competition.

Ionut Cristian Dobre, Maria Circiumaru and Mihai Craciunescu formed a team called HBFS (Harder Bette Faster Stronger) and were supervised by professor Stefan Mocanu.

Stefan Mocanu has stated for Descopera magazine ” After last year’s excellent results, we went to Vienna to try to confirm our position on the top of the trials that we usually participate in. Unfortunately, this time we did not manage to obtain a first place, and we finished the competition on the second and third place. If we look from outside, the results are good, however, for us, it represents a reason to become more ambitious and to mobilize better for future competitions. I want to congratulate the members of the team for the way they handled a very tough competition, but also because of some unfortunate situations which were generated by the organisers”.


The Robot Challenge competition was organized by the Austrian Society for Innovative IT Science, the Federal Austrian Ministry for Science, Research and Economy, the University for Applied Technical Science in Vienna.