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Romanian researchers invent jelly with gold nano particles

gold nanoparticles

A team of researchers from the USAMV university in Cluj has invented the Golden Jelly, a jelly from orange, strawberry and coconut jelly, with gold nano particles. The jelly has antibacterial and antioxidant characteristics.

The three researchers, Adrian Martau, Loredana Leopold and Dan Vodnar have invented the recipe and the project will be published by Adrian Martau in his Bachelor’s final paper.

The student said ” By adding gold particles to the orange, strawberry and coconut fruit jelly, the product’s availability will be prolonged and these nano particles have also antibacterial and antioxidant characteristics. I have used natural extracts, active biological compounds. I hope it is an innovative project and that we will be able to find it on the market, in food and as a dessert. We could extend the availability period without intervening in the nutritional value. Big quantities of sugar are added in normal jellies, exceeding 30%, while this product has under 15%. I thought of the name Golden jelly, because it contains gold”.


Dan Vodnar added that this jelly will be appreciated by people who want jellies made of natural extracts. The Golden jelly does not use preservatives, nor gelatine, but pectin and natural extracts from fruits and plants. Loredana Leopold said that this type of gold nano particles are usually used in the medical and pharmaceutical field.