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Students from Cluj win first place at international Seismic Design Competition


Students from the Technical University in Cluj have won the first place at the Seismic Design Competition, held in San Francisco, United States. The team was formed by Marian Horia, Caraza Andrei-Cosmin, Ratiu Bianca Alexandra, Pop Alexandra Alina, Iordache Ioana Cristina, Cornea Daniel, Popa Catalin Ioan, Monda Marius Rares, Stroia Bogdan Gabriel, Haba Szidonia, Bartha Miklos and Vass Gergely.

The students have presented their project called RedWood Tower, which is a building of 29 floors built of balsa wood. The model weighing 606 grams with a supplementary weight of 11,38 kg has resisted all three simulated earthquakes within the competition.

This is not the first time the students participate in the competition, as according to they have won the other previous two seismic contests. The Seismic Design Competition has several stages to go though: Design Proposal, Presentation, Poster and Architecture, Prediction Precision, Annual Income, Annual expenses in building maintenance, Annual seismic cost.

All the costs are calculated and the income of the building is represented in the final score of the team. The Romanian students have shown that their building would have an annual profit of 633,432 dollars. The second place was taken by California Berkeley and the third place by Cornell University.