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Young man from Moldova travels 40,000 km around the world with only 270 euros


A young man from Moldova has travelled the 40,000 km around the world with only 270 euros in his pocket and ended up in New York where he launched a successful travelling agency.

Pavel Ciobanu has travelled between 2005-2010 only with 270 euros and carrying only a backpack. He noted that because he lived at local people’s houses he had different experiences than if he stayed at hotels. For example in Germany he was the guest of an airplane pilot and in France, a father and his son drove him to another country for free. In New Zeeland he stayed at an old couple’s home and from there three women from Taiwan drove him across the country and in Italy he enjoyed a luxurious feast in the heart of Tuscany.

He also had difficulties in his trip when he had to sleep outside in Barcelona, when a couch surfer could not accommodate him. When he his travels ended he decided to found Spoty, an online platform that helps travellers find accommodation easy. He noted that the difference between Spoty and other travel platforms is that as a tourist you can stay at the local people’s houses and thus support their business. On Spoty you will not find hotel chains. He stated that when spending money on a hotel, less than a quarter of the money stays in the local economy and because of his online platform, travellers will help the local economy.