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13 civic groups unite in a network to improve people’s lives in Bucharest

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Civil society in Romania might not have been very active in the past, but things seem to be moving forward as more and more citizens are active in the community. Some of the civic groups that formed in Bucharest now got together and formed the Bucharest Civic Network ( Reteaua Civica Bucuresti).


The network has 13 civic groups and was formed on 11th of April 2016 thanks to support from the Centre of Resources for public participation which organised a market for civic participation, where the groups have met.

The network wants to encourage citizens to be involved in the life of the local community and to encourage politicians and authorities to work together. In Bucharest for the last five years many residents have started initiatives and participated in campaigns such as saving green areas, saving trees, supporting the building of cycling infrastructure, protesting for saving important buildings that accommodated community centres. The civic groups want to improve the quality of life in their neighbourhoods.

The groups had many successful campaigns in the past. For example, in November 2015 a large group of residents from Bucharest have formed a human chain in front of a building that did not respect the legal safe distance towards a GPL tank.  Thanks to the protest,the second day ISU has moved the tank from the area.


On the 2nd of April, 500 citizens have marched to protest against the chaotic urban development in the neighbourhood of Floreasca. 464 signatures were raised for the Green petition.

The groups that formed the civic network are:

Lacul Tei civic group (Tei Lake)

  • their concern is to reduce the level of the lake in Circului Park and to improve traffic in the neighbourhood

Favorit initiative group

  • a group that campaigns for the renovation of the Favorit cinema and to transform it in a community centre

Floreasca Group

  • campaigns for maintaining the green area between the blocks and in parks and creating a community centre.

” Salvati Parcul Tineretului ” ( Save the Tineretului Park)

  • campaigns for respecting the boundaries of the park. The group has pointed out the illegal construction of private properties in the park area and the destruction of children playground.

Iubim Sectorul 3 ( We love the 3rd sector)

  • are protesting against the urban decisions taken by the authorities in Sector 3, such as authorization of construction for new buildings without offering parking spaces and destruction of green area.

Lupta pentru strada ta ( Fight for your street)

  • protests against the construction of a 10 storey building in the neighbourhood because this will affect the green areas and parking spaces.

Tudor Vladimirescu civic group

  • are campaigning for the construction of parking spaces, children play areas, pavements and a park.

Prelungirea Ghencea initiative

  • protesting against the low quality of infrastructure
  • campaigning for the construction of pavements, cycling roads, bus lanes, 4 lane roads, a park.

Salvati Parcul Drumul Taberei  group ( Save the Drumul Taberei park)

  • protesting against illegal constructions and destroying the green areas.

 Încotroceni – Oameni, Idei, Povești – ( Incotroceni- People, Ideas, Stories)

  • campaigning for a more welcoming neighbourhood

Luptam pentru Aleea Lunguletu civi group ( We fight for Lunguletu alley)

  • opposes the illegal construction of an 8 storey building in Lunguletu alley

Callatis Drumul Taberei initiative group 

  • has successfully convinced the authorities to renovate the Istru park and also to renovate a school area and ensure traffic safety in the area

Herastru park group

  • campaigning for the maintenance of the protected area- a historic monument and for maintaining the park.
  • the group has successfully convinced the authorities to take down a fence that was built illegally in the park.