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Romanian student acepted by four prestigious American universities

costin dobrin photo

Costin Dobrin from Mircea cel Batran national college in Constanta has been accepted by four prestigious American universities, such as Harvard, Columbia, Duke and Rice.

Costin Dobrin has excelled in school since he was young. In 2015 he received the highest award at the International Olympiad of Geography in Moscow and in 2014 he participated at the International Olympiad of Earth Science in Santander, Spain where he earned the silver medal. He also participated at the NASA competitions that are held each year.

Costin Dobrin’s parents always have been by his side, encouraged and supported him and Costin might also have been lucky to have such parents. His parents are both physics teachers and they prepare students for the NASA competition each year and they have been known to coach students that won many international Olympiads.

Costin himself was also a coach for the NASA student team that won the space design competition for three years in a row.  He also collaborated with the Grigore Antipa Marine research institution  from Constanta and represented them at the European Parliament in Bruxelles for which he held a presentation about the Black Sea and pollution.