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30,000 tulips are waiting for visitors at the Jibou botanical garden

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30,000 tulips have been planted at the ” Vasile Fati” botanical garden in Jibou town in Salaj county. The visitors can see over 100 species of tulips, but also 20 species of hyacinths and daffodils.

Cosmin Sicora, the manager of the botanical garden said that the botanical garden has extended its cultivation space and people can see better than before all types of plants. For the garden, the number of tulips that have been planted this year is a record and they are proud to show it to the public.


The garden has received over 2,500 visitors only last week. The garden also has a Roman section, a Japanese garden, a dendrologic sector, aquariums with over 40 species of fish, an amazonian gallery with waterfalls and also a zoo with deer and birds. The garden also has a greenhouse with over 200 species of orchids and you can also visit the Wesselenyi castle which is situated on the botanical garden grounds.