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Alexandru Nicolae wins World Coffee Roasting championship

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Alexandru Nicolae is the new champion of the world in roasting coffee. Alexandru has won the title within the The World Coffee Events competition, which was organized in Shanghai March 29th to April 1st 2016. He managed to beat Dmitrii Borodai from Russia ( second place) and Matthew Robley from United Kingdom (third place). Alexandru has also participated in the competition last year, however he only reached the 8th place.

The competition had many delicious categories, including World Cup Tasters, where the competitors must taste different types of coffees and identify the correct one, World Latte Art where competitors create drawings in coffee and World Coffee in Good Spirits, where they prepare coffee with alcohol.

Alexandru has graduated from the International Economics University in Bucharest and he discovered his love for coffee while working in his own restaurant. He now is a trainer and a consultant for coffee shops.

In an interview for Alexandru has criticized the coffee that is sold in the supermarket, arguing that producers usually roast it in a very dark colour to hide its low quality and because of this fact, supermarket bought coffee tends to have a very bitter taste.

He says that people believe that if a coffee is very bitter, it means that it is a very strong coffee, however this is not true. The strength of the coffee depends on its type, for example Robusta coffee is very high in caffeine. He believes the best coffee in the world comes from Ethiopia because of its fruity flavours.