3 bronze medals for Romania at the 2016 European judo championships in Kazan

Andreea Chitu165980090_n

Monica Ungureanu, Andreea Chitu and Daniel Natea have conquered the bronze medals at  the Judo European championships in Kazan. The sports women have fought in the 48 kg and 52 kg category and the young man fought in the 100 kg category.

Monica Ungureanu has defeated Valentina Moscatt, from Italy, Olga Aladosvili from Georgia and Reka Pupp from Hungary. Unfortunately she lost in the semifinals with Charline van Snick from Belgium. Andreea Chitu has won over Evelyne Tschopp from Switzerland, Laura Gomez from Spain and Iulia Rijova from Russia and finally lost to Priscilla Gneto from France.






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