Spotlight festival to be held in Bucharest


Over 15 art installations and video mapping sessions will be exposed at the second edition of the Spotlight International Festival of Light organized in Bucharest by ArCuB between 5-8th of May.

The projections will be interactive and the participants will be able to activate them. The Spotlight festival will also include a concert by Zoli Toth Project.

For four days the light installations will be set in well known areas of the city, such as the Calea Victoriei, Splaiul Independentei and the University central library. On the 5th of May, in George Enescu market,  at 8.00 p.m. the British group Lords of Lights will present a light installation inspired from Nikola Tesla inventions.

The public will also discover the Selfie, a 3D installation that scans you and then it can be downloaded in the phone. People will also be able to play around with two controllers which will allow them to change visual images which will be projected on the façade of the Novotel Hotel.

Another special installation will be installed next to MNAR. This installation will project on the ground different colours and shapes accordingly to people’s steps.












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