Top ten Romanian inventions

There are many every day objects that we use and many things that we take for granted and could not imagine our lives without it.Some of these most common things were invented by Romanians. Here are top ten Romanian inventions


1.The quadcopter


Doctor George de Bothezat and Ivan Jerome invented and developed the quadcopter, an aircraft with six bladed rotors at the end of a structure shaped in the form of an X. The quadcopter was first used by the US Air service in 1922. Now it became very popular with video film makers and it is quite accessible to buy.


2. The reaction engine


The reaction engine was invented by Alexandry Ciurcu and Just Buisson. The reaction engine is an engine which provides propulsion by expelling reaction mass. Types of reaction engines include: the rocket engine and the turbojet.


3.The cervical cancer screening test



Aurel Babes has discovered the screening test for cervical test which probably saved many women’s lives. Although Papanikolau was credited for the invention of this test by cervical cytology, Babes was the one that discovered that a platinum loop used in the test would help determine if cancer cells were present. His research was published in 1927. It must be noted that his method of testing is different to that of Papanikolau.

4. Anti ageing cream

ana asland

The anti ageing cream was invented by Ana Aslan, who was a Romanian biologist and physician. Her cream, called Gerovital contains procaine which has anti ageing effects. Her creams were used by personalities such as John F. Kenedy, Charlie Chaplin and Salvador Dali. The cream can still be bought today.


5. 3D cinema


It might feel like 3D cinema is a recent invention, however, it was patented by Theodor V. Ionescu in 1936. Theodor Ionescu was a Romanian physicist who also made discoveries in plasma physics and ionosphere physics.


6. Insulin


Insulin was discovered by physiologist Nicolae Paulescu in 1922, although he called it pancreanin. Although he patented the discovery and published the results four times in a French magazine in 1921, at that time Paulescu was not awarded for his discovery. As history shows, Canadians F. Branting and Herbert Best published a paper on insulin 8 months later and they were awarded the Nobel prize for the discovery.


7.The fountain pen

Power of Words

The elegant fountain pen was invented in 1827 by Petrache Poenaru who received a French patent for it. The pen was made from a large swan quill.


8.The arrow shaped airplane


Aurel Vlaicu invented the arrow shaped airplane during his lifetime (1882-1913). Aurel Vlaicu was a Romanian engineer, inventor and airplane constructor. He constructed and patented the plane in 1910 and called it Vlaicu I. The plane can fly without any modification.



9.The ejection seat


Anastase Dragomir invented and patented the ejection seat in 1928 and the ejection cabin in 1930. The invention was patented in France and was called  “Nouveau Systeme des parachutes of montage of dance les appareils aerienne Locomotion”. Although this is a great invention, we hope we never have to actually use it.





Yes, probably bridges has existed for a very long time, however engineer Anghel Saligny was a engineer who perfected the way bridges are built and contributed to enforcing their safety. Anghel Saligny has build the Cernavoda Bridge over the Danube which at the time of construction in 1895, was the third longest bridge in the world and the longest in Europe( 4,008 metres long).








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