Cluj opens a repair cafe-a place where people can get free repairs

cafenea atelierd

Now you can have anything repaired for free at a coffee shop in Cluj-Napoca. The coffee shop was opened by a community that focuses on ecological means of living. For example, the community has a washing machine that does not need to be plugged to an electrical socket to work. The machine is activated by a person riding a bicycle. Also a person needs to put the water in and take the water out mechanically.

The shop now hires volunteers with the purpose of fixing household items for free. Depending on the skills of the volunteer, many things were repaired such as bikes, television sets, kitchen electrical appliances, clothes and some people even came to do their hair.

Dan Fofiu Sampetreanu, one of the people that run the place said that the purpose of the coffee shop is to be a social coffee shop which means to create a community that is self sustaining.


source: tvr cluj






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