Remember the real tasty Romanian tomatoes? A foundation tries to save them!


Anyone who has ever tasted real country grown tomatoes from Romania must admit they taste amazing. Unfortunately with the development of the supermarket industry, more and more vegetables and fruits are imported from other countries. These products might look like actual tomatoes, but they sure do not taste like them

There still is hope however, as a foundation from Odorheiu Secuiesc has managed to save over 40 types of vegetables, such as the ” beef heart” tomatoes, the pork pumpkin, the pink onion or the beautiful bean.

The Civitas foundation has been growing these vegetables and one of their gardens is located in Apahida commune, Cluj county. The vegetables are grown in a pure natural way, without chemicals. The foundation has given the seeds to 50 different families across the country that will grow them in their garden. The coordinator of the project said that the seeds that you find in supermarkets are GMO. As well, the vegetables that are sold in Romanian markets are actually grown from seeds brought from Bulgaria, Turkey or Spain.










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