Traditional Junii feast celebrations held in Brasov



Romania has plenty of beautiful and diverse traditions. Some of them are quite interesting to take part in. In Brasov area, one special celebration is held by the Young men group of Scheii Brasovului (Juni).  This group organizes the celebrations between May 2nd-8 and locals and tourists are invited to participate.

Starting with May 2nd the group will go to ” water”  in the Unirii market( this tradition means that men will visit the houses of the unmarried women and sprinkle perfume on them). After that, the young men group will go and sing traditional songs in the centre of the city and dance the hora and perform the  throwing of the sceptre in the air. Other events, that locals are invited to, are:

  • the opening of the Young Men  Union premises


  • Pie Tuesday on May 3. The Youth Group will dance traditional dances and the hora and will also serve pies to the audience.


  • The “aruncarea in tol” . This tradition means that the young men hold a blanket and toss a new member in the air. This is viewed as an initiation into the group.


  • Horse riding- the Youth will come horse riding from the fortress. The horses will be decorated and the young men will be dressed in traditional clothes. The horse riding will start in the Unirii market in Brasov and end up at Pietrele lui Solomon where they will sing and dance the hora. At this location there will also be a concert of traditional music, tents, tables and traditional food will be served.




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