Timisoara hospital renovated thanks to patients’donations

The County hospital of Timisoara was renovated to European standards thanks to people donating over the years.

The hospital has ten rooms that are painted in warm and bright colours and the walls are decorated with beautiful paintings. Hot summers are no longer a pain for patients as each room now has an air conditioner and television sets are available for everyone to enjoy. Patients can also write e-mails or just surf the internet if they are bored, as the hospital also has access to internet.
All these were possible thanks to patients that have donated to the hospital over the years. The Gastroenterology section chief, doctor Ioan Sporea said that every year they try to bring something new or they try to improve something in the hospital depending on the donations. The doctor said that even though the government has not helped financially, they have managed to do many good things. The hospital treats 2,500 patients every year, patients that suffer from cirrhosis and have health issues related to the digestive system.





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