Romanian luxury brands that promote tradition: Iutta

Iutta shoes _n

Romanian traditional blouses, skirts, dresses, bags and furniture are becoming more and more fashionable. What’s not to love? It’s tradition, quality and elegance in one product. At this moment the traditional blouse is the most well known and most loved item. However, there is a new brand that makes its way into the market and that is the Iutta brand.

The woman behind the brand, called Nicoleta Chirica, has given up her career as an economist to enter the world of fashion. She has started her business with very little money and collaborated with workshops that hand craft bags. She stated that there are not many people left that know how to create good quality bags. Her first bags were made of wood and were sculpted by her father, a sculptor. Then, she started creating leather bags with Romanian traditional themes. Customers loved them, so she expanded her range and created also gloves, wallets and shoes.

iutta products3926868905_n

One of her collections was created in collaboration with Guban, a shoe manufacturer, and it participated in an trade fair in Milano. This year in February, the Iutta brand also participated in the Pure London International fair.

Nicoleta Chirica says that Romanians that moved in other countries are her best customers. They order from USA, Ireland, UK. Now, Chirica’s future plans include a collection just for children and she also hopes to access European funds for her expansion.






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