Priest from Constanta awards scholarships to outstanding students

priest photod

A priest from Constanta city, Romania has decided to spend the church’s donations in an unusual way. He is rewarding students that have good results in school and in sport with money.

Ilie Petre is currently a priest at the Sfantu Dumitru church in Constanta and is also a director at the Theology Seminar in the same city. But why did he decide to put his faith in the young people of Constanta? According to digitv he said:

” I have a very close relationship with young people, with the children. I see how they develop, I notice their effort to succeed. I notice how hard it is for those who study when they see the example of the students that do not study, and because I am in a position of responsibility, that of a priest in this church, I have thought about a project that would motivate them.”

The priest is also working together with the School Inspectorate of Constanta county and together they choose at least three students per month to award. The students receive 200 lei ( about 44 euro at current exchange rate) under the name of Saint Dumitru scholarships.


Since the project started, over 100 students have received scholarships. Some of them have received them for sports achievements. The handball junior team that reached the finals of the Romanian Cup also received scholarships.

The money they receive seem to have the right impact. Lidia Samulescu, a 14 year old student that participated in the Romanian Language Olympiad said ” It stimulates me to go further. It is a great example to follow and this is how all priests should be”. Her mother said ” She received diplomas, but she was never rewarded in money for her work.”


source: digittv







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