The inspirational story of a farmer who helps sick children

vlad placinta94_n


Over 50 children suffering from diseases were healed thanks to the efforts of a simple man called Vlad Placinta.

Vlad Placinta is not a doctor, but a simple farmer as everyone else in his village. So how is he helping sick children?  Well, after  a hard day’s work in the field, Vlad goes to his computer and raises money through crowfunding. He has formed a humanitarian association called ” Save a heart” and has managed to raise thousands of euros to help children receive medical care.

His humanitarian work started with a religious blog where he was posting humanitarian appeals, besides articles that focused on religion. In 2012, while on a pilgrimage to Zosin monastery he met a family who was looking for help to cure their one year old child. The child was suffering from spastic tetraparesis. He was impressed by their story and so he wanted to help. He started by calling people and newspapers and going on blogs and asking for help.

Finally, Vlad decided to build a special blog for donations. He called it ” Let’s be humans” and there he promoted all the desperate cases he could meet. However, nothing seemed to work. He then decided to create the association “Save a heart” and create a donation platform with maximum transparency. He then spent months asking internet specialist people to volunteer for his blog.

He finally met Marius Bucur, an IT guy who works for Google. He helped him set a real time donation platform which offers maximum transparency to people that donate. This platform accepts all forms of payment such as PayPal, card and SMS.

Thanks to this platform, Vlad has managed to help many children. People, that want to help, can see all the details of the case, such as how the illness was cured and what is the status of the child. People can actually see what happens with their money.

One of the children that benefited from the funds was a two year old child from Mures. The child suffered burns when a car exploded in the house yard.The family needed 70,000 euros to reconstruct the child’s face and in a few weeks they managed to raise the money. Another child that was also lucky to benefit from the association was suffering from a heart condition. The family was desperate as the doctors told them the child will die.  The family did not have enough money for a surgery but thanks to the association, in one week they managed to raise 20,000 lei. Now the child has undergone surgery and is in good condition.

The association now has 18 members and it now works in partnership with the Monza medical clinic in Bucharest and with a private hospital in Turkey.






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