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Largest art exhibit in Romania now open in Bucharest

art safari-01

The largest art exhibit in Romania is now open at the Dacia-Romania palace and also in several art galleries throughout Bucharest. The exhibit is organized by Art Safari 2016 and it focuses on uncomfortable questions related to society and the purpose of art, bourgeois sensibility and traditional norms.

The galleries that host the event are: Balamuc, AICC, Borderline Art Space, Pilat Gallery, Nostru Group, Anca Poteraşu Gallery, Annart Gallery, Laborna Contemporary Art Gallery, Art Yourself and Galateca, Jecza . The exhibit will include also works of art from artists from Timisoara, Botosani, Craiova, Iasi, Oradea, Sibiu, Miercurea Ciuc, Bistrita but also from the Czech republic, Germany, Italy and Switzerland. The organizers say that they will exhibit works of Brancusi.


The event also includes concerts, lectures, performances, theatre shows, debates and conferences and special guests such as the astronaut Dumitru Prunariu. Additionally, there will  be a special event dedicated to children, called Art Safari kids. The show will be filmed by Discovery Channel.