CSM Bucharest qualified for the Champions League finals!

romanian handbal1210500834157116_n

CSM Bucharest has qualified for the Champions League final at women handball on Saturday. The team has beat Vardar Skopje from Macedonia with 27-21.

It is the first time the team has participated in an inter club competition and they have proved to be a very capable team. Jelena Grubisic from Croatia was considered the best player of CSM Bucharest.


The first goal of the game was marked by Vardar, however CSM has come back with a strong defence, reaching a 7-1 score.  After that, the score continued with 10-3,13-6,14-7 and at half time it ended with 14-9.

After the break, the Vardar team has managed to score several times, however the Bucharest team showed their superiority, ending the game with a 22-15. CSM Bucharest will play the finals on Sunday with Gyor team, from Hungary.

The CSM Bucharest team players were:

Jelena Grubisic, Mayssa Pessoa, Alina Iordache — Isabelle Gullden, Iulia Curea, Ana Paula Rodrigues Belo (5), Line Anna Ryborg Jorgensen (4), Cristina Vărzaru (1), Bianca Bazaliu (2), Aurelia Brădeanu (4), Linnea Torstensson, Cristina Nan, Ekaterina Vetkova, Carmen Martin Berenguer (1), Oana Manea (4), Maria Fisker (2). Coach: Kim Rasmussen.










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