Romanian students win third place at World’s Largest Robotics Competition

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The Autovortex Romania team has won the third place at the World’s Largest Robotics Competition held in Saint Louis, USA. The team is formed by 16 students from Tudor Vianu National Informatics College in Bucharest.

The team has built a 54 kilograms robot that can undertake different duties. The students have built the robot using a standard set of components and also personalized items.

Over 20,000 students from all over the world have participated in this competition. The festival is called ” FIRST” which is short for ” For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology”.

900 teams from 42 countries have participated in four days in a tight competition. The Romanian team won the third place in the Franklin Division , while a team from the United States took the first place.

The Romanian team was formed by:

Răzvan Haş, Bogdan Mihai, Andrei Ducu, Robert Ngo-Van, Rareş Bădici, Andrei Lungu, Călin Banciu, Sabina Achinca, Edward Diaconescu, Ilinca Ion, Marco Azarmaneche, Tiberiu Artemi, Andreea Vasilescu, Victor Brînzan, Andrei Gabriel, Alexandru Nichita.

The students were coordinated by Ionuţ Panea.










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