Traditional Romanian festivals: Sambra oilor

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While there are plenty of festivals that you can go to across Europe, traditional festivals are quite rare, compared to music and film festivals. One of the oldest celebrations in Romania takes place in the beautiful county of Satu Mare. It is called Sambra Oilor and it celebrates the return of the sheep herds from the mountains.

So what happens at this festival?

People, dressed in traditional clothes, gather at the Huta Certeze hill. There, they sing traditional songs from the Country of Oas region. Their clothes, skirts and hats are always cheerful and colourful.

In this part of the world people have preserved much of their traditions and they proudly encourage their young ones to preserve them.

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Georgiana said for

” I cannot tell you how much this costume means to me. Every time I wear it, it makes me think about my mother, my family, and so, it is much more than a traditional costume. It is part of me”.


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Every year the festival has a special stage where singers and dancers perform. Festival goers can also buy many souvenirs, such as traditional hats and bags. This year people were able to buy porcelain dolls dressed in traditional clothes made by Ana Mare.

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Besides enjoying concerts, guests were able to have a taste of the local cheeses, fruits, barbecue, sausages and of course mici.




photos: Georgiana Matioca

Moldovan Emilian









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