Garden party and concerts at the Peles castle


Château de Peleș, Sinaia, Roumanie.
Château de Peleș, Sinaia, Roumanie.

Thousands of people have participated at events that celebrated 150 years of  Royal family at the Peles castle in Sinaia on 10th of May, 2016 and in Bucharest.

The day started in Bucharest, at the statue of king Carol I in the Royal Palace market, with a military ceremony with attendance from princess Margarete, prince Radu, princess Elena, Alexander Nixon, princess Sofia and archduchess Maria Magdalena of Austria. Later at the Peles castle, the royal flag was raised in the presence of the royal family.

At 3 o’clock princess Margaret gave awards to the royal marathon winners, that took place earlier in the morning on the Peles castle- Royal Way- Busteni and Busteni monastery route. The day ended with a garden party at the Peles castle where everyone was invited. The music was provided by the National defence ministry. Special guests invited for the show were violinist Remus Azoitei, tenor Teodor Ilincai and conductor Tiberiu Soare.

The concert ended with a ceremonial release of 400 white doves.















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