Historical decision: Vacaresti park becomes protected area!


Vacaresti lake has been declared a natural park with protected area status after many years of lobbying. This is considered a historical decision by many, as this green area, with over 97 bird species, is the largest urban natural park in Europe.

The associations that fought for the park are Asociatia Parcul Natural Vacaresti, Asociatia Salvati Dunarea si Delta and also “Let’s do it, Romania”.

The associations have worked together many times and have organized cleaning activities with over 1000 volunteers. They managed to collect 40 tons of waste. The organizations have also set over 90 bird nests and houses.



Why is this park so important?

The park is situated in the south eastern part of Bucharest and covers around 190 hectares and is home to 45 protected bird species,  foxes, minks, otters, raccoons and turtles. It is known as the Bucharest area and it is the largest green area in Bucharest. In the last years however, the lake and park was threatened by human activity such as illegal fishing and fires. Now, thanks to its protected legal status, human activity will be stopped.












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