Movie festival held in Iasi city

iasi festival photo

Iasi city hosted a very special movie festival for five days. The festival, called Romanian film evenings, had many special guests, including Mircea Diaconu.

Over 60 guests came between May 4-8, and 35 movies were shown in cinemas. The seventh edition has also shown a collection of movies, in which famous actor Mircea Diaconu has starred in.

According to Agerpress, Mircea Diacon was pleasantly surprised by this special feature. He stated:

” It has never happened to me, that a collection of my movies to be shown. I am glad that things like this happen in Romania. The movie is a joy to the actor. It is in a box and it is shown. Now, the actor is in the cinema theatre and the movie is shown. Something like this cannot be done in a classic theatre.”


The event also has hosted a special exhibit of Agerpres photo archives that focused on photos taken in the first part of the 20th century.










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