Painting by Romanian painter sold for 2,59 million dollars


” Self-Portrait as Vincent Van Gogh” painting by Romanian artist Adrian Ghenie sold with 2,59 milion dollars on Wednesday at Sotheby’s The Contemporary Art Evening Auction in New York.

Other paintings that sold on the day were ” Untitled ( New York City)” by Cy Twombly, for 36,65 million dollars and ” Two studies for Self portrait” by Francis Bacon, sold for 34,97 million dollars.

1,500 works of art were sold this week at the New York spring auction. The total estimate of the purchases is estimated at 1 billion dollars.


Adrian Ghenie, the Romanian painter, has sold earlier this year, another painting called ” The Sunflowers 1937″ with 3,117,000.

The painter was born in Baia Mare city, Romania and has had many important exhibits in Pompidou centre in Paris, SFMOMA in San Francisco and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles.







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