Romania to host European castle fair

european castle fair photo


Romania will host the second European castle fair at the Corvin castle between May 14-15. Visitors will be able to visit stands from representatives of castles from Romania, Slovakia, Poland and Bulgaria. This is an event that wants to promote castles, palaces, citadels and fortresses from Europe.While the first edition only had six participants, this second edition has managed to bring together 29 historical monuments.

Besides classical exhibits of the castles inside the Corvin castle, the event will also have representations of medieval fights, sword lessons, archery practice, medieval music concerts and eagle handling.  Moreover, the Arche association will have a special exhibit that will show those who manage castles how to attract tourists.

The castles that will participate for Romania are

Banffy castle in Bontida, Cluj county

banffy castle_b


Corvin castle, Hunedoara county




Castelu corvinilorl

Bran castle

castelul branb

Rasnov citadel



Karolyi castle


karolyi castle


Deva citadel









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