Romanian students win six medals at International Chemistry Olympiad in Moscow


chemicCampMedalSix medals were secured by the chemistry Olympiad team from Romania at the 50th edition of the Mendeleev International Chemistry Olympiad in Moscow.

The team has won two gold medals, two silver ones and two bronze medals. The hard working students that won the gold are Andrei Iliescu, student at the International informatics highschool in Bucharest and Paul Haidu-Gerea, student at the Mircea cel Batran National College from Constanta city.

The students have participated at previous Chemistry competitions, managing to win both silver and gold medals.

This year, the silver medals were won by Cristian Rober Raclea and Mihnea Daniel Zoican, from the Vasile Alecsandri National College in Galati city and Sfantul Sava National college in Bucharest.

The bronze were won by Georgiana Sabina Firtala and Raluca Darauta from Petru Rares National College in Piatra Neamt city and Gheorghe Vranceanu in Bacau city.

The competition lasted five hours with a theoretical stage and a practical one. The students had to solve organic, inorganic chemistry problems and physical chemistry problems.










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