Five Romanian movies compete at Cannes film festival

cannes festival cristi puiu photo _n

Several Romanian movies participate this year at Cannes festival, which started on May 11. ” Bacalaureat”, directed by Cristian Mungiu, “Sieranevada” directed by Cristi Puiu, “Dogs” directed by Bogdan Mirica, “4.15 p.m. end of the world”, directed by Catalin Rotaru and Gabi Virginia Sarga, which will compete in the shorts category and ” All rivers run to the sea” by Alexandru Badea, which competes in the Cinefondation section.

The Romanian cinema industry will also have a special exhibit within the Marche du Film event. Guests will be able to find out information about the Romanian film industry, will be able to contact Romanian directors and actors, production companies and organizations.

Several Romanian films will be shown at the Marche du Film event: ” Cabbage, potatoes and other demons”, by Serban Georgescu,”Double” by Catrinel Danaiata, ” Anniversary” by Dan Chisu, ” On the road with father”, by Anca Miruna Lazarescu, ” Beyond the railroad” by Catalin Mitulescu, “Box” by Florin Serban,” The World is mine” by Nicolae Constantin Tanase, and “Sweet little lies” by Iura Luncasu.

Other movies that participate in the official competition is “Toni Erdmann”, a Germany-Austria-Romania coproduction and “Album”, a France-Turkey-Romania coproduction.

There are other Romanian directors and movie producers that are now part of the Cannes jury- Radu Munteanu, who directed the movie ” The paper will be blue” and “Boogie” and producer Anamaria Antoci who will coordinate a special workshop for producers, director Anca Damian who will participate at the Talents Adamic Cannes, a special programme which has the purpose of discovering young actors.











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