Romanian documentary wins Cannes award



” Toto and his sisters” documentary film has won the Prix France Culture Cinema 2016 award within the Cannes film festival.

The movie directed by Alexander Nanau was awarded by Radio France Culture on May 14 at the Pavillion Unifrance in Cannes.

The documentary has competed with other four nominated movies: Janis Joplin directed by Amy J.Berg, Une jeunesse allemande, directed by Jean-Gabriel Periot, Je suis le people, by Anna Rousillon and Les Ogres, directed by Lea Fehner.



“Toto and his sisters” was first shown at the Festival of San Sebastian on September 2014. In 2015 it was nominated for the best documentary award within the European film Awards and has also won the Cinema Eye Honors’Spotlight Award 2016 in the United States of America.

The documentary has also won over 30 prizes in festivals like Sarajevo Film Festival, Warsaw International Film Festival, Leipzig DOK, Zurich Film Festival, Camden International Film Festival and Munich Open City Docs Fest and the Gopo prize for the best documentary in 2015.

The movie can be seen in Romania on HBO and on HBO GO.












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